Kiosk Software - Buttons Action

Kiosk Buttons – To Navigate and Much More

InTiles offers the unique feature of surrounding the kiosk browser with up to 40 multi-purpose buttons. Buttons can be used to navigate to websites, but they can do much more. Each button has an Action property that can take one of several values:

GoToURL: When clicking or tapping on the button, the kiosk browser will navigate to the URL specified in the Target URL text field. This text field has a blue background meaning a different target URL can be specified for each of the 5 possible languages.

TimerNoAction: This option turns the button into a display only timer. The button is not clickable. If user sessions are set to be limited to a number of minutes, then the time left in the session is displayed. Otherwise, if sessions are unlimited, the time used so far is displayed. This feature allows you to place a timer anywhere on the kiosk interface.

Quit: A Quit button will trigger a confirmation message. If the user responds Yes, the session will be ended followed by a clean up as configured on the Sessions tab.

ShowKeyboard: This type of button will launch TabTip.exe, Windows virtual keyboard. Note that with InTiles 2, this onscreen keyboard will be displayed automatically on touchscreen kiosks.

HideKeyboard: This type of button will hide TabTip.exe.

GoBack, GoForward, ZoomIn, ZoomOut, Print, Reload, and StopLoading: Those 8 Action values replicate what is also available as standard buttons on the Browser Panel. This gives you the flexibility to place them anywhere, and with any Style, for example with text.

DisplayLanguage1, …, DisplayLanguage5: Language buttons will automatically display the Language name values entered on the General tab (assuming the button style includes text). When clicked or tapped, they will change the current language displayed including loading the corresponding home page.

NoAction: Those buttons will not react to mouse input, therefore they are used to display their content only. They can be used to display rich web content or just to occupy empty space by giving the button a transparent background color.