InTiles Kiosk Software - Buttons Size

Kiosk Buttons – Flexible Height and Width

Each of the 40 multi-purpose buttons surrounding the kiosk browser can be resized using one of 3 ways. Understanding how this works is key to building the kiosk interface you want.

The first two are straight forward:

  • Auto – Automatically adjusts to the content.
  • Pixels – Uses the absolute value height/width in pixels.

The third is a bit more challenging:

  • Weighted – Once all the Auto and Pixels buttons have been assigned their space, what’s left on the panel is divided among Weighed buttons according to their height/width value.

The best way to explain Weighted is by using examples.

Example 1: You want to display a few buttons on the left panel all with the same height.

Solution: Set the height value to 1 and the type to Weighted. The value 1 does not matter, what matters is that they all have the same value, that is they all have the same weight.

Example 2: On the bottom panel, you want to display 3 language buttons on the left and a quit button on the right with empty space in between.

Solution: The language buttons ant the timer could use either Auto or Pixels.  For the language buttons, Pixels would allow you to set them to the same width. In between you need a button with any width value but with type Weighted, Action set to No Action, and Color set to Transparent. This button will use up all the space in the middle making sure the quit button is all the way to the right.

Example 3: You want to centre a button with web content in the middle of the bottom panel to display the weather and nothing else on that panel.

Solution: First, buttons with web content cannot use type Auto so weather display should have a fix value in Pixels. Then you need 3 buttons, # 1 and # 3 set with the same width value and with type Weighted, Action set to No Action, and Color set to Transparent. If you wanted the weather display to use half the screen width, you could set values for buttons #1 and # 3 to 1 and set button # 2 to Weighted with value 2.

If you cannot produce the kiosk layout you want, describe it on the Support forum and I will try to help.